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Free iPod Script - Ihre eigene Freebie Reward Webseite

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Did you hear about a very successful f r e e i p o d marketing campaign? Featured in such major on-line news resources as Wired and EndGadget, it spread a wave of interest across the country, giving away thousands of items. It s is quite probable that you were one of those lucky people

But you can be sure that the company behind this program was not dispatching the gadgets out of some altruistic reasons or in order to promote them, they have a lot of promotion anyway. To get the prize members of the program had to sign up for a certain on-line promotion like AOL, or trials and get five other people to follow suit.

But on average only 10-15 of all participants manage to persuade five their friends to sign up. And for every new members, supplied to their sponsors, organizers obtain up to 90 dollars. Simple arithmetics shows that with item price around 250$ this campaign works out really well for its organizers.
It s a completely new, legitimate and effective form of marketing And you can become part of it.

Quote from a user of free ipod

"Well, I recently achieved my 5 completed referrals for my free ipod and I would like to thank everyone that participated. Although my Pod hasn t shipped they have verified that my referrals were legit and I would expect it to be shipped sometime in the next week or two. When it does, I will update everyone.
At this point everyone understands that the offer is not a scam but what is really involved in getting that free ipod? I had 66 referals that signed up and 5 people that actually completed an offer. So, you probably need to figure that you need to sign up 10 times the number of offers you need to complete the process. The offer is split into two distinct stages - first, you sign up providing your address and email address as well as your name. Second, you need to complete an offer. Of course, there are several other factors at work here such as the media saturation of the offer. Also, the process is pyramidal in nature and so the longer the offer is out there the harder it should become to sign-up folks and successfully get a free ipod. I don t think we are there yet but I imagine another 12 months will find us at that point. "

So as you can see the potential is unlimited for making money with this script
You can give away any product with this script and make your users signup for whatever offer you want

through a little simple math you the owner can make huges amounts of money

I have seen this same script run giving away Gas Grills and other prizes
Editing the templates for another prize is easy since it uses smarty template system


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Free iPod Script - Ihre eigene Freebie Reward Webseite Free iPod Script - Ihre eigene Freebie Reward Webseite freebie;reward;bonus;bonusportal 111068914 2.95 ar-media Fresh Download Available!